Organic Online Marketing: How to Properly Implement All Aspects, Not Just SEO | Online marketing

Search engine optimization or SEO is an aspect of the organic online marketing approach to generate traffic to your website or blog and increase your search engine page ranking. Marketing online organically is a social strategy that requires word of mouth and social media referrals.Organic marketing is the most cost effective form of advertising online and is growing at an exponential rate. An online marketer can properly utilize the organic marketing approach and drive necessary traffic to rank their sites on the top search engines and ranking sites.I am not saying that SEO is not critical, I am just saying it is not the only thing. As an online marketer, having a site that is properly constructed, organized, tagged with proper keywords and provide valuable, relevant content. There are many other factors involved, but that is not the focus of this article. SEO is only one step in a much larger process I call organic online marketing.Traffic is the key to any online marketing strategy and organic marketing is what drives traffic today. As social media grows, it continues to influence how and where marketing budgets are being distributed. Approximately only 10% of Google search results that are clicked on are the paid advertisements.Also, consumer reviews are over 11 times more effective because they are more trusted. Consumers are more likely to believe a third party than manufacturers’ claims. Think from your perspective. If you hear a company saying you will make $1000 per month, do you believe them or, do you believe the person using the product that shows you proof of their income?Of the 90% that click on the organic results, 46% will click on the first organic result listed. As an online marketing professional, we see that where we rank and how high we rank drives our sales. So what drives our rank and rating? Traffic! So what drives traffic if paid advertising is only 10% effective on the web? Social media.Utilizing social media will bring the traffic and offering value rich content will keep it there. Organic online marketing is more than just search engine optimization. It is solving your prospect’s problem in a way that is non-invasive, allowing your prospect to “shop” in a safe, nearly anonymous environment. Once they perceive value, they will inquire more about your product or even subscribe to your RSS (really simple syndication) feeds.So, yes having a fully optimized site is important, but it is not the whole strategy. For example, I am building my online organic marketing strategy and it includes a blog that I write articles for and I am tweaking for proper SEO (which is a bloody science!). But, I also post my articles to a variety of sites and blogs with backlinks to promote the article and ultimately my site. I also work within forums, free classified sites and social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (which is still in Beta at the time I am writing this article).True organic marketing does not stop at SEO, it incorporates all forms of online media because bridging from your lovely optimized site is the only thing that will bring the traffic that is required to improve your page rank. Without traffic, all the SEO in the world will not help you. So as you build the bridges and raise awareness of the solution you provide to give people the reward they are looking for, the traffic will come and your laser-focused content will do the selling for you.With the “social” aspect of the internet, word-of-mouth will bring new traffic. As people Tweet about your solution, post comments about or “Like” your Fanpage, more traffic will come and your page ranking and Alexa rating will increase. There are other tricks to increasing your ranking, but the true way to rank is to drive traffic and as an online marketing professional, if you are a blogger of recipes, a retailer of sports equipment on a network marketer distributing supplements, you must be aware of online social etiquette to be successful.As competition increases on the internet, it is imperative that marketers do not overlook the full scope of online marketing and forget social media is key. Search engine optimization is an important part of the organic online marketing approach, but marketing online has become a social strategy that is cost effective and growing rapidly. An online marketing professional must implement an organic marketing approach to drive the necessary traffic to rank their sites on the top search engines and ranking sites.

Motion Graphics Template – Making the Novice Feel Like a Professional | graphic multimedia

Many individuals are very familiar with the rise in popularity of online video streaming sites such as YouTube and the dramatic increase in popularity over a short period of time that these sites have experienced. Some would go so far as to state that they are now a firm feature of modern popular culture. YouTube and numerous alternative online video hosting sites, provide users with a platform to which they are able to showcase their professional visual multimedia productions.The increasing availability of affordable software and motion graphics templates, enables novices and professionals alike to create professional graphics independently, without the need for sourcing a private contractor or freelance motion-graphic designer. With the ability of individuals and businesses to create professional multimedia content, while minimising the associated cost, this has resulted in an explosion in the production of multimedia applications for business, marketing purposes, film production and the like. The knowledge and skill-set traditionally required to complete such graphics tasks, coupled with the time required to produce such complex tasks, can be offset through the employment of motion graphics templates.In order to meet a growing demand from consumers in the marketplace, industry leaders in motion graphic templates and design have rapidly expanded their portfolios. Increasing the quality, range and numbers of applications that these templates can be utilised for has expanded rapidly, with digital motion graphics templates now being utilised in website, film and marketing productions. The websites of such leading graphics businesses offer readymade motion graphics, which streamline the production process; reducing the tasks involved that were once considered to be part of a complicated and incredibly overwhelming process. These speciality websites are commonly referred to as being an all-in-one solution, where users are able and encouraged to select from a pre-existing royalty free template designs. These designs can then be customised to suit specific requirements, creating unique content customised for a particular target audience.The templates allow individuals the creative foundation to then be utilised in various multimedia projects, such as television, film, website content, mobile motion media or graphic content. These templates are readily and easily accessible in various premium packages or as individual files, and in both instances are 100% customisable and 100% vector based. Having vector based content simply refers to the re-usability of the template in a variety of projects across a vast majority of media mediums.